Stepping stones :

Germany's first ska festival together with the bands Skaos (Munich) and Blue Beat (Jülich) at the legendary live venue Okie Dokie in Neuss/Düsseldorf which was torn down shortly afterwards.

The first ska sampler of the post two-tone era, "Skank - Licensed to Ska", came out in the UK (other bands included the Toasters (New York), Blue Beat Allstars/Bad Manners (London), Skaos and The Busters).

December 1988
The first international ska festival in London where The Braces skanked up a storm along with the likes of Prince Buster (the Godfather of Ska), the Trojans (London) and Bim Skala Bim (Boston/USA).

1986- 1991
Loads of other festivals (Bizarre/Berlin, Rheinkultur/Bonn, Skanking Around The Christmas Tree/Aachen) and tours through Germany, Switzerland, England, Scotland and the Benelux region.

Recordings for the late-eighties ska labels Skank Records (Link/Dartford/UK), Pork Pie (Vielklang/Berlin) and Unicorn (London).

It's not the first time since their official split in 1991 that the skanksters from the Lower Rhine have taken to the stage. But this time, we're not talking about a short-lived trip down memory lane: Call it a comeback!